Assignment of Rents- Assessment Collection Tool

MTCLaw Admin • November 03, 2017

Homeowner Associations can seize the rent due from tenants who occupy homes owned by owners who are behind on their assessments or dues, if their CC&Rs permit the action. If your association's CC&Rs do not permit the seizure of tenant rents, your CC&Rs can be amended to permit this highly effective collection method. Call us for a no-cost consultation and additional information.

Construction Defect Attorneys

MTCLaw Admin • November 02, 2017

With the rapidly expanding economy, we are seeing many new condominium buildings and custom homes being constructed all over Southern California. Unfortunately, many of these new homes are being constructed by developers who are taking short-cuts resulting in defects which result in water intrusion, landslides, subsidence, major plumbing problems, and other serious defects. Whether it is one house or an entire condominium or other housing community, call us if you have suffered damages from significant defective construction. We represent California homeowners in making claims against developers. Your initial consultation is absolutely free.

We Represent Individual Condominium Owners

MTCLaw Admin • November 01, 2017

Unlike most HOA law firms, we represent individual owners of condominiums who have claims against their community association. We also represent homeowner associations, so we understand both sides of HOA disputes. Call us today if your HOA refuses to repair your roof or you have been subjected to long-term water intrusion or some other form of negligence that has caused you financial harm.

Before Your HOA Hires a Management Company

MTCLaw Admin • September 18, 2017

Before your HOA hires a management company or extends its contract, call us to find out whether the company or any of its managers have been sued for something serious. The service is free to both board members and non-board members. Don't regret your decision.

Free Homeowner Association Law Seminars

MTCLaw Admin • August 21, 2017

The firm will be offering free homeowner association law seminars in several locations in the Coachella Valley in November. Dates and locations will be announced very soon. Please send us an email to be included on our Seminar announcement list or check our website:

We are Expanding Services

MTCLaw Admin • August 21, 2017

The firm has now expanded its services into the Coachella Valley in Riverside County. Please contact Michael Chulak if you need a no-cost initial consultation. Appointments can be arranged in Palm Desert or nearby, or the corporate office.

Wrongful HOA Collections

Michael T. Chulak • June 05, 2017

While most of our HOA assessment collection practice involves collecting unpaid assessments for associations, we also represent homeowners who have been subjected to wrongful collection actions by trustee companies and attorneys who have failed to comply with the law. If you believe you have been the victim of an unlawful collection action by your homeowner association, call us today for a free initial consultation.

Estate Planning FAQ

Michael T. Chulak • June 05, 2017

We have updated our website regarding frequently asked questions about estate planning, living trusts, and probate. We recommend that you review it before your no-cost initial consultation because it helps most people develop a list of questions. If you own a home or other real estate, and/or have minor children, you should have a living trust.

Franchise Joint Venture Partner Available

Michael T. Chulak • June 05, 2017

If you own a profitable business and have ever thought it was a good candidate to franchise, you should talk to us. Our firm has the ability to joint venture the development of a franchise with you if you have the right business and the ability to train others on how to operate your type of business. We supply the cash investment, all legal services, and the marketing of the franchises. Call us if you qualify. There is no cost or obligation.

Paralegal Needed

MTCLaw Admin • May 10, 2017

The firm is in need of a paralegal with personal injury and litigation experience in the San Gabriel Valley. Please send resume to managing partner, Michael Chulak.

HOA Assessment Collections

MTCLaw Admin • March 17, 2017

MTC Law is now providing HOA Assessment Collection Services throughout California. For additional information please visit:

Free HOA Law Seminars

MTCLaw Admin • February 25, 2017

Our schedule of Free HOA Law Seminars is now available on our website for the period February 2017 to April 2017. The first group of homeowner association seminars will be held in various areas of Los Angeles County and Ventura County. Later in the year, free HOA seminars will be offered in Orange County. This will be our 17th year of offering these seminars. Please make a reservation early and bring one or more of you neighbors.

2017 Davis - Stirling Act Available

MTCLaw Admin • February 25, 2017

The 2017 updated Davis - Stirling Act is now available on our website: It is free and fully searchable, making it very user-friendly. You can type in a keyword and it will be underlined throughout the entire document.

HOA Attorney Needed

MTCLaw Admin • February 25, 2017

Given the growth of our HOA law practice, we now have a need for an additional attorney with HOA and litigation experience. Contact Michael Chulak for details.

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Attorney Needed

MTCLaw Admin • December 16, 2016

Our firm is in need of an attorney who speaks Mandarin Chinese and English, to work in our Agoura Hills office or in the San Gabriel Valley. A Minimum of three years of litigation experience is required. Please contact Michael Chulak for details.

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