Divorce - Seven Common Mistakes

Believing that your spouse will treat you fairly in dividing property and establishing child and / or spousal support. Remember, there is no substitute for knowing your legal rights, and no reason to accept less than a fair settlement.
Withholding relevant information from your divorce attorney. Withholding such information may result in an unlawful act and will always put you at a disadvantage. Your attorney can best represent you when he or she has all of the facts.
Not asking questions when you have questions or signing documents that you don’t understand.
Failing to revise your estate plan given the changes that will, or have taken place. Remember, if you have minor children or own real estate, you need a living trust and should designate who will care for your children if you are not able to do so.
Expecting the legal system to protect your interests. Only an attorney can protect your interests in divorce or other family law matters.
Having unrealistic expectations about support or the division of property. The law establishes certain parameters that are known to the attorneys representing the parties to a divorce. Consequently, each attorney is able to advise his or her client of the likely outcome if the case did not settle and was decided by a judge. The result is that few cases go to trial. The vast majority are settled out of court taking into consideration the parameters of the law.
Not considering the use of a divorce mediator to help resolve all issues related to a dissolution of marriage.



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